Trump Manager Lewandowski Went Ahead and Made Himself a Delegate in NH

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 2.27.11 PMAs a resident of New Hampshire, Corey Lewandowski is technically allowed to be a voting delegate at the upcoming Republican National Convention. As the campaign manager for Donald Trump, he is definitely pushing the boundaries of acceptability by doing it.

The New York Times reported today that Lewandowski and Trump handed over their list of 11 New Hampshire delegates to the governor of the state on February 26, 17 days after he won the primary there.

This news comes after much speculation about a brokered convention. Jeb BushRick Perry, and Paul Ryan have been named as possible nominees in the event of a massive GOP fissure at the convention. Just this morning, Lewandowski’s boss even threatened “riots” in the event the nomination is taken from him in a brokered convention.

Having Lewandowski there, in the thick of it and acting as a delegate and a manager, will surely only compound the drama. Add to that his history of alleged manhandling and you have a convention that appears to be gearing up to match the infamous 1968 Democratic Convention.

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