Trump Mocked Hillary for Not Recalling ’39 Times’ With FBI, But Played Same Card 37 Times With Mueller

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During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump mocked Hillary Clinton for telling the FBI that she didn’t “recall” something 39 times during a three hour-plus interview, but Trump himself responded the same way to Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s written question 37 times.

About 10 times during the presidential campaign, Trump trashed Clinton over reports that there were 39 instances in which she told FBI investigators that she couldn’t recall something. For example, during a September 8, 2016 speech in Cleveland, OH, Trump told the crowd “when she was interviewed by the FBI, she claims she couldn’t remember important events, 39 times.”

“She couldn’t even remember whether she was trained or handling classified information,” he added. “Didn’t remember anything about it. So if she really didn’t remember, that’s a problem. And if she did remember, that’s a problem.”

He also tried the line out as part of his “comedy” set at the Alfred E. Smith Dinner that October.

In reality, fifteen of the 39 responses to which Trump referred were actually not things Clinton couldn’t remember, but rather, were things she didn’t recall because they didn’t happen. And those responses were given during a 210-minute in-person interview.

But the recently-released Mueller report reveals that in written questions that Trump answered with the assistance of his team of lawyers, there were thirty-seven times that Trump and his legal team claimed that he could not recall or remember things.

Unlike Secretary Clinton, however, Trump was never interviewed in person by Robert Mueller.

Watch the clip above.

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