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Trump Supporter Can Explain That ‘Jew-S-A’ Chant: I Was Speaking With a Spanish Accent

screen-shot-2016-10-29-at-8-04-54-pmThe Donald Trump supporter who was filmed shouting “Jew-S-A” at reporters is now saying that he was just trying to reach out to Mexicans, and that he’s not an anti-semite.

George Lindell spoke to Arizona Republic on Monday about how he achieved instant infamy as he gave his chant while yelling that the press is “the enemy” and “working for the devil.” Lindell said that he speaks Spanish and frequently interacts with Mexican people, and that his controversial chant was just him shouting “U-S-A” with a heavy accent.

“That’s always the way I’ve said it: Jew-S-A,” said Lindell. “I like the way it sounds. I like Jew-S-A because it has more flair.”

Lindell said that he saw a group of Hispanics at Trump’s event, but that they stopped chanting “U-S-A” themselves because “they wouldn’t fit in because of their accent.” Lindell explained that he chanted “Jew-S-A” through the event in solidarity with those attendees.

The Republic also asked Lindell about a comment he apparently muttered at the event about how “the Jews run the country anyway.” His response was that he was “just horsing around.”

Kellyanne Conway condemned his “deplorable” behavior in an interview Sunday where she was challenged by CNN’s Jake Tapper about the incident, as well as some of the more odious individuals supporting the mogul.

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