Trump Threatens to Pull FEMA Money from California Over ‘Disgraceful’ Management of ‘Forrest’ Fires


President Donald Trump is back on Twitter and saying he has ordered FEMA to stop sending federal funds to help California because of poor “forrest” management that leads to wildfires.

Trump’s tweet comes a few months after he slammed state officials by accusing them of mismanaging the forests as the state dealt with a series of highly-destructive wildfires. These comments were accompanied by threats to yank federal funding from California back then too.

It’s unclear what prompted Trump’s tweet, but if one were to take a guess, it might have to do with the fact that California governor Gavin Newsom is blasting Trump for the address he gave last night on border security.

This tweet came hours after Newsom posted this message about the need to prepare for natural disasters.

UPDATE –– 11:30 am ET: The “Forrest” tweet has since been taken down.

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