TYT‘s Jordan Chariton Reports: Some Sanders Supporters Feel ‘Betrayed,’ Many Resolved to Unify

'Sad,' but 'there are bigger issues at stake right now.'

Speaking to Sanders supporters outside the New Hampshire rally Tuesday where the Vermont senator formally endorsed Hillary Clinton, a Young Turks reporter found that many in attendance felt deflated and saddened by their candidate’s loss, but were largely resolved to unify.

TYT’s Jordan Chariton said the rally felt like “we were at a funeral but everybody didn’t know it was a funeral, that somebody had died but not everybody knew.”

Seth Berner, a Maine delegate for Sanders, said that he had felt “betrayed” because Sanders had not continued the fight all the way to the convention. “I feel like the movement was sold a bill of goods,” he said.

But many of the voters were resolved to be pragmatic and to choose “the lesser of two evils,” as one Sander supporter put it. Many noted that the movement championed by Sanders was not over, even if his bid for the nomination was.

“The fact is, we are not losers, we did not lose this,” said one woman holding a Bernie sign.

Another said that Sanders supporters were “sad,” but they — like Bernie — recognized that “there are bigger issues at stake right now.”

“If he thinks the play right now is to back Hillary, who am I to say no?” said another Sanders supporter.

“In the face of someone like Donald Trump, everyone’s got to compromise really,” said yet another, later referring to Trump as a “maniac.”

[screengrab via TYT/YouTube]


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