UK Politician Under Fire for Tweeting About Firing Rockets at Israel

British lawmaker David Ward is in some hot water for a tweet he sent out yesterday remarking that if he was in Gaza, he’d also “fire a rocket” at Israel.

Here’s that tweet (which remarkably hasn’t been taken down yet), along with another one Ward sent out:

Ward, a Liberal Democrat, faced a pretty stern rebuke from his own party, and he initially refused to apologize, providing this explanation for his comments.

I am not condoning that. In fact, yesterday in the House of Commons I condemned it. I’m saying I understand why people are so desperate that they are doing it…

Why are they doing that? The answer is they are so desperate to retaliate for what is happening to them… The people in Gaza cannot escape; they are hemmed in by land, sea and air. They can’t be refugees, they can’t flee.

However, earlier today Ward put out a statement apologizing for the remarks, making it clear the comments “were not in support of firing rockets into Israel.”

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