‘Washington Always Wins’: Scarborough Says Steve Bannon Must Be ‘Sidelined’


On Morning Joe Monday, Joe, Mika and the rest of the gang assembled to discuss the dismissal of Reince Preibus last week from his position as White House Chief of Staff.

Overall there was consensus that his replacement, General John Kelly, was a good move, but the praise — as with all things on MJ — came with a barb.

Mika Brzezinski set the scene recounting a litany of Trump “failures” and asking her co-host/future husband whatever can Kelly do to mitigate them going forward.

Any wonder they make such a good team? — Scarborough went from there.

“I hate to keep going back to one of my themes over the past six months, but it so important that Steve Bannon is sidelined. It’s so important that general Kelly sidelines Steve Bannon that plays to Donald Trump’s worst instincts,” he said.

Scarborough specifically laid blame for Trump’s media and intel agency bashing at the feet of Bannon. “This is a guy who said he was a Leninist, he wanted to tear government down, he wanted to tear everything down.”

In the past Scarborough has ripped into Bannon as the administration’s id and the true source of power in the White House. In what can only be taken as a direct shot at Trump himself, Scarborough often takes to calling Steve Bannon “President Bannon” on-air. The move seems almost deliberately intended to annoy Trump and undermine’s Bannon’s position in the West Wing.

“Washington always wins,” said Scarborough — and as a former GOP congressman, turned Acela corridor regular, it’s a swampy subject he knows something about.

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