Watch a Manafort-Linked Russian Oligarch Comically Freeze Out a Relentless CNN Reporter


Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, according to the Washington Post, was pretty tight with Paul Manafort — the recently-indicted former campaign chairman for President Donald Trump. The Post reports that Paul Manafort offered to personally brief Deripaska about the goings-on of the Trump campaign while he was running the show. It’s unclear whether that offer got to Deripaska (his spokesman denied that it did), but the two definitely had a relationship. Deripaska reportedly gave Manafort a $10 million annual consulting contract in 2005.

CNN’s Matthew Chance wanted to asked Deripaska about all this at the APEC summit in Vietnam on Friday. Deripaska didn’t feel like talking.

He really didn’t feel like talking.

In the video above, you can see the comical lengths to which Deripaska went to avoid talking to Chance.

As Deripaska kept briskly walking, Chance was unable to get him to stop. Eventually, he did offer a brief retort — as he maintained his fast getaway.

“Fake news,” Deripaska said.

The oligarch left the facility and stood outside, appearing to look for transportation. Finally, Chance had him cornered and standing still.

“It’s the news for idiots,” Deripaska said. “If you don’t understand.”

Chance kept on asking about the alleged secret briefing offer. Deripaska just stared into space, not even looking at the reporter. Then, finally, he gave Chance a steely look as he fired his parting shot.

“Get lost, please,” Deripaska said. “Thank you.”

Watch above, via CNN International.

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