Watch Susan Sarandon Demand Nixon’s Resignation in 1974

Oscar-winning actress and activist Susan Sarandon has made quite a name for herself in political media circles during the 2016 presidential campaign, but her passion for politics wasn’t born yesterday. She’s a vocal and controversial advocate for independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential runner-up Bernie Sanders, and those who paid attention recognize her from many a Bush-era anti-war protest, but the 69 year-old’s political outspokenness extends back a lot further than that, even.

Here’s Sarandon in 1974 telling Johnny Carson about her frequent letters to then-President Richard Nixon, including one urging him to resign over the Watergate scandal:

Nixon would, in fact, resign the presidency in a matter of months. Maybe it took him that long to get around to reading Sarandon’s letter.

Letter-writing continued to be a theme for Susan Sarandon, as with this letter she sent to Laura Bush, and read aloud at an anti-Iraq War rally:

If former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton manages to hold onto her lead and defeat Donald Trump, it looks like reading letters from Susan Sarandon is just one more thing she’ll have ti keep her busy.

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