Watch Voter Press Cory Booker For Saying ‘I Do Not Think it’s Time to Move Towards Impeachment’


New Jersey Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker got some pushback from a voter after he said he didn’t think now is the “time to move towards impeachment” of Donald Trump following the release of the Mueller report.

While fellow candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has gone out of her way to become the Democrat who is definitely running on impeaching Trump, Booker is the 2020 hopeful who has most explicitly distanced himself from that position.

Since the report’s release Thursday, Booker has repeatedly told reporters that it is too soon to even talk about impeaching Trump, and in one exchange, even appeared to distance himself from Warren specifically.

When a reporter told Booker, on Friday, “Some of your Democratic colleagues are calling for impeachment, you’re not one of those,” Booker replied “No, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not” and added “I want to do more investigation, we should not be jumping to that.”

That stance caught up with Booker at a town hall event at the Mirabelli Community Center in Nevada Saturday, where he was asked about his position on impeachment by a voter named Gloria Corder.

“I do not think it’s time to move towards impeachment,” Booker said.

“Why?” Corder interrupted.

“Why? I’ll tell you why, I do not think it’s time to move towards impeachment because Congress hasn’t seen the report without its redactions,” Booker replied.

“Once you see it?” Corder asked,

“Well I want to go through the processes I want to go through,” Booker answered, adding that he wants to see the unredacted report, testimony from Robert Mueller, as well as the the underlying evidence.

“So I know a lot of people are ready to impeach,” Booker said, in perhaps an oblique reference to Warren, adding “but I’m a guy that believes that this is not a partisan issue, this is a process, you need to follow a process to come to that conclusion.”

“I get it, but there are a lot of Democrats…” Corder began.

“Calling for impeachment?” Booker interrupted.

“…who are very wary about using the ‘I-word,’ much less moving in that direction,” Corder continued. “My worry is that the Democrats are putting too much hope in winning the election,” but added that Trump being in office is a “great motivator to get out and work towards winning in 2020.”

“I just want to be as candid with you as I can, as possible,” Booker said. “We should do this in a process-oriented way that’s following the evidence, because I’m in the United States Senate where Democrats are in the minority.”

“Can you promise that you’re going to do it in a timely manner?” Corder asked.

“I will not promise that because I am a senator,” Booker explained. “The House has to decide on impeachment, the Senate, I’m a judge actually, and I stand proceed over it, and I just want to be clear, if there’s not a clear case, you will not get the majority that you need in the Senate.”

Watch the clip above.

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