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What Connects Rachel Maddow And Lady Gaga? (Hint: DADT)

Rachel Maddow revealed a couple of interesting little tidbits having to do with DADT on her show last night. First, were you aware the reason Senate democrats delayed going ahead with a repeal of DADT was to give John McCain time to finish his hotly contested primary again J.D. Hayworth. Said Maddow:

They didn’t want to make John McCain take a stand on the issue lest that be uncomfortable for him in his race against a super anti-gay primary opponent. Now that the only moderate anti-gay McCain is free to be all Mavericky again, free to once again start enjoying press coverage that inexplicably credits him with political principles despite frequent evidence to the contrary…the Senate is finally going to move.

So there’s that. But were you also aware that Lady Gaga, prior to donning her meat dress, arrived at the VMA’s Sunday accompanied by four former members of the United States military all of whom had departed (whether by discharge, or resignation) because of DADT. One of Gaga’s dates, Former Air Force Major Mike Almy, appeared on Maddow’s show last week prompting Maddow to reflect: “This is as close to glamour as the Rachel Maddow show will ever get!” Also? “Now we know that the Ven diagram that includes the Rachel Maddow show and Lady Gaga intersects at at least one point: the U.S. Military’s policy of kicking out openly gay people for no reason other than the fact they’re openly gay.” Clip below.

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