Whoops! New York Times Forced To Issue Correction Of Its Own Corrections Page

On a daily basis, major newspapers typically offer up a “corrections” page to set the record straight on any factual, grammatical, spelling, or chronological errors. The New York Times‘ corrections page tends to be incredibly thorough, lending great insight into the human error that inevitably accompanies journalism while offering accessible methods for reader feedback.

Yesterday’s corrections were pretty mundane — misstated dates, regretted name omissions, etc. — except for one glaring piece of text at the very top of the web version.

You see, in a bit of unintentional meta-humor, the headline of the corrections page itself was incorrect: “Corrections: April 29, 2913,” it read likely sending some people no one into a Blast from the Past-like “Where am I?” frenzy.

Nevertheless, as the corrections page is obligated to do… it issued a correction to the correction: “An earlier version of this page contained an incorrect date in the headline. The correct date is April 29, 2013, not 2913.”

#Meta at its finest.

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