Wolf Mask Bandit Makes Local Anchors Lose Their Cool in Middle of Segment

This crime itself is nothing to laugh at: armed robbery of Chicago’s Fifth Third Bank.

But the caveat to this story is that the alleged gunman and robber wore a wolf mask during his heist, a fact that made the news anchors reporting on the story completely lose their cool and giggle into hysterics.

Ben Bradley and Stacey Baca of ABC7 in Chicago actually got through most of the story before audible hiccups can be heard from the anchor duo. But when Bradley attempted to move on to the next story — a new renovation project at Northern Illinois University — that damn wolf mask bandit did him in. “This is Stacey’s fault,” said Bradley amid his giggles.

Baca tried to explain it away and be honest about losing it live on air, but I can’t really transcribe what she said because she’s laughing too hard to make out the words.

“A guys robs a bank in a wolf mask at 5 in the morning on three hours of sleep? We’re gonna laugh at it,” admitted Bradley about the robber who is straight out of a Scooby-Doo episode.

A composed Baca continued, “The crime itself is not funny — that’s not what we’re laughing at. We’re laughing at the mask.”

Watch above via Stacey Baca’s Facebook page.

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