comScore ‘You Can’t Hide From the Mainstream Media’: Dan Abrams on Trump Underestimating the Media

‘You Can’t Hide From the Mainstream Media’: Dan Abrams on Trump Underestimating the Media

This afternoon, Mediaite founder and ABC chief legal affairs anchor Dan Abrams appeared on CNN to discuss President Donald Trump’s ongoing war with the mainstream media and his current habit of only calling on conservative outlets at news conferences.

Asked by host Brooke Baldwin about her colleague Jim Acosta’s observation that “the fix is in” regarding the Trump pressers, Abrams explained that Trump is essentially telling the media, on the one hand, to get lost, but there’s also something else at play.

“Number two is of course he doesn’t want to deal with the really tough questions,” Abrams said. “Now that’s not to suggest these conservative outlets aren’t going to ask him tough questions because some of them will.”

He continued, “But the point is you can’t hide from the mainstream media. One of the things I think they are miscalculating here is I think the Trump team is underestimating the influence of the mainstream media.”

Highlighting that this is a strategy used by Trump and chief strategist Steve Bannon when it comes to calling the media “fake” and, therefore, not calling on them in press conference, that didn’t stop the impact the mainstream press had on Michael Flynn.

“Look what happened to Mr. Flynn,” Abrams told Baldwin. “That was because of the media coverage. It doesn’t mean that the media coverage got him out. It means you can’t avoid the mainstream reporting of the media. Why? They are reporting these stories out. You can call them fake all you want, but the bottom line is they’ve got the evidence in a lot of these cases.”

Abrams would also note that “journalists hate hypocrisy” regarding Trump trying to have it both ways when it comes to leaks, for example, and that they “like to point out inconsistencies.” Therefore, if Trump is going to name call the media, he should “at least back it up with facts.”

Watch the interview above, via CNN.

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