Barack Obama Brutally Roasts Trump at Miami Biden Rally: ‘Florida Man Wouldn’t Even Do This Stuff!’


Former President Barack Obama spoke at a rally for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in Miami, Florida on Saturday, and went fully medieval on President Donald Trump for several minutes and at length.

Obama said that, while Biden is “tough,” Trump only “acts tough.”

“He likes to act tough, and talk tough. He thinks scowling and being mean is tough, and being rude is tough,” said Obama. He said that if Lesley Stahl is “too tough for you,” — referring to the recent 60 Minutes interview where Trump infamously stormed out early — then “you ain’t all that tough.”

He then said that if Biden and Harris are elected, “you won’t have to think about them every single day.”

“There might be a whole day where they [won’t] be on TV. There might be a whole day where they don’t tweet some craziness. You won’t have to argue about them every day. It won’t be so exhausting, just having a normal president,” said Obama. “You’ll be able to go about your lives knowing that the president’s not going to suggest injecting bleach, or retweet conspiracy theories about secret cabals running the world. Or retweeting the claim that Navy SEALs didn’t actually kill [Osama] Bin Laden.”

He also brought up the demeanor and character of Trump’s interactions.

“We’re not going to have a president that goes out of his way to insult anybody who he doesn’t think is nice enough to him. We won’t have a president who threatens people with jail for just criticizing him. That’s not normal behavior, Florida,” said Obama. “You wouldn’t tolerate it from a co-worker. You wouldn’t tolerate it from a high school principal. You wouldn’t tolerate it from a coach. You wouldn’t tolerate it from a family member.”

“Florida Man wouldn’t even do this stuff,” he said as the crowd laughed. “Why are we accepting it from the president of the United States? It’s not — it’s not normal behavior.”

Obama went on to say there are consequences when a president acts that way, and that it encourages others to be “mean, and cruel, and divisive, and racist.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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