Fox’s Cavuto Asks House Republican Three Times If He’s Bothered By Docs Found at Mar-a-Lago: ‘You Don’t Find Anything Objectionable?’


Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto unsuccessfully pressed Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO) three times to say whether former President Donald Trump acted improperly when took government documents with him upon leaving the White House.

The Department of Justice indicted Trump on 37 counts relating to the alleged trove of classified documents found at his Mar-a-Lago estate last year. According to the indictment, Trump willfully kept the documents and sought to obstruct the government’s efforts to retrieve them. Additionally, the indictment says some of the documents pertained to the country’s nuclear capabilities and security vulnerabilities. In at least one instance, he bragged to an unauthorized person about having certain military secrets.

On Friday’s Your World, Cavuto repeatedly asked Smith if he is disturbed by Trump’s actions.

“Is there anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, chairman, about what has been revealed in this indictment?” he inquired. “Is there any part of that that makes you think, yeah, [Trump] didn’t behave in the best way?”

“You know, he’s not the current president,” Smith replied. “What really alarms me is what the FBI whistleblower that came forward last week – that actually his allegations of illegal activity of the current president, which is Joe Biden. That is extremely alarming.”

Smith was referencing an allegation by congressional Republicans that the FBI has a document in which an informant claimed to have received information about Joe Biden taking a bribe as vice president.

“That’s all a fair point and worth exploring,” Cavuto interrupted. “You’re quite right, but I am curious what you make of Donald Trump’s behavior here in this particular case here, and what we’re told were hundreds of documents over the course of this period?”

“You know, the facts will play out, Neil, whenever we look at this, but what we do know on the face is that it seems like it is a double standard going up after Donald Trump, which, the American people are not going to be favorable about that,” the congressman replied. “And I think Joe Biden–”

“So, bottom line, you don’t find anything objectionable, you don’t find anything objectionable in what you have seen thus far in Donald Trump’s behavior?” Cavuto interjected.

“What I find objectionable is the DOJ has so many greater issues to be investigating and looking at instead of the leading opponent to the current president of the Justice Department that is controlled by him,” he replied. “That is alarming and I think that that needs to be looked into.”

CORRECTION: This article originally referred to Missouri Rep. Jason Smith as Rep. Jason Crow – the congressman from Colorado. It has been corrected.

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