Jen Psaki Claims Many Republicans Are ‘Comfortable’ with Biden Because ‘He’s a White Man Who’s Older’


Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki claimed on Thursday that Republicans have struggled to take down President Joe Biden because “he’s a White man who’s older,” and is therefore “comfortable to many in their base.”

Psaki made the comments during an appearance on MSNBC’s The ReidOut with Joy Reid, where the two discussed Biden’s accident earlier that day.

“Jen, you know, I do feel like Biden has this misunderestimated thing, right? Where people assume, ‘Oh, you know, he’s too old, he doesn’t know what he’s doing,’ and then he just keeps delivering,” said Reid about Biden’s most recent tumble.

Asked by Reid whether Biden is “so enraging to the right because he is so normal,” Psaki said, “Well, if you look back, Joy, to 2020, they were trying to figure out how to take him out. They can’t make him extreme. They can’t really make him offensive.”

“I mean, one, he’s a White man who’s older, so you know he is comfortable to many in their base,” she claimed. “But I think also they have underestimated him many times.”

Psaki argued:

That’s not necessarily a disadvantage to Joe Biden. I mean, it worked for him for a year and a half. He’s always been underestimated. He’s got a little bit of a chip on his shoulder because of that. That can serve you well. But I think they’re just trying to throw a lot of spaghetti up at the wall to try to take him down and so far they haven’t quite figured it out. That’s why when you talk to Republican strategists back in 2020, they would say, ‘We don’t really want it to be Joe Biden ’cause people aren’t freaked out by him.’

According to a CNN poll last month, the majority of Americans say Biden’s reelection in 2024 would be either a “disaster” or a “setback” for the country.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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