Orrin Hatch Snaps at Female Kavanaugh Protester: ‘When You Grow Up, I’ll be Ready’

Sen. Orrin Hatch was not exactly thrilled when he was confronted by a group of protesters as he entered an elevator on Thursday.

In fact, he shooed them away and told them to grow up.

On Thursday, protesters angry about the upcoming Brett Kavanaugh vote descended on Capitol Hill, resulting in arrests.

They also cornered Hatch in an elevator, not unlike the moment when other protesters cornered Sen. Jeff Flake days before.

However, while Flake’s elevator confrontation helped lead to the FBI Kavanaugh probe, Hatch was simply not in the mood for the elevator interruption.

“Why aren’t you brave enough to talk to us?” one woman is heard asking Hatch as he enters the elevator.

Hatch shoos them away.

“Don’t you wave your hand at me!” what seems to be the same woman says.

Then he said this to the adult woman: “When you grow up, I’ll be ready.”

His remark did not go over well at all.

“How dare you talk to women that way!” one woman shouts while other angry protesters chime in.

The senator, protected by security who threatened to arrest the protesters if they blocked the elevator doors, then made another hand motion or possibly waved at the women again before the doors closed.

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