Republican Congressman Tears Into Trump Over Syria: ‘Failed to Fulfill His Promise to Destroy ISIS’


Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger has severely criticized President Donald Trump’s move to withdraw troops from northern Syria and essentially abandon Kurdish allies to an invasion from Turkey.

Earlier this morning, the Illinois congressman mocked Trump’s proclamation that the U.S. military took two ISIS executioners into custody, noting that nearly 10,000 ISIS fighters are at risk of escaping Kurd-run prison facilities amid the Turkish advance.

“Campaign promise fail,” Kinzinger wrote.

Kinzinger also appeared on CNN Newsroom Thursday, and spoke with Poppy Harlow about Trump’s decision to pull troops out of the region.

“These decisions are not making us safer,” Kinzinger said. “I mean this is a really bad decision. And it was a really bad action.”

“We’ve lost 17 American lives in this fight against ISIS from direct combat related action. The Kurds have lost 10,000. That’s more than we lost, by the way, in Iraq and Afghanistan over the entire fight of those wars. And this is a much smaller population. So they took those casualties for us. We lost 17. So, you know, whether or not they were involved in Normandy, they were involved in fighting ISIS on behalf of the United States of America willingly because we didn’t want to put forces on the ground,” Kinzinger said.

Earlier this week, Kinzinger denounced the withdrawal and praised Kurdish fighters, singling out that Trump “failed to fulfill his promise to destroy ISIS.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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