WATCH: Pope Francis Sustains Black Eye After Popemobile Stops Short

Assad: Chemical Attack Was ‘100 Percent Fabrication … Were They Dead At All?’

Italy Arrests Islamists Plotting Terror Attack on Famed Bridge in Venice

Bureau Chiefs of Major News Orgs Send Letter to State Dept About Tillerson Leaving Press Behind on Trip to Asia

Israeli Troops Filmed Beating French Journos Will Face ‘Disciplinary Measures’

Schultz Goes Off on Koch Group: ‘You Bastards, Don’t Talk to Me About Cancer and Women’

White House Travel Pool Complains They Are Prisoners Of President Obama’s Vacation

Koch Dealing: AFP 1st To Viral Vid Of Arkansas Dem Saying N-Word ‘Sounds Like Racism’

ThinkProgress Blogger Busts Americans For Prosperity With Hidden Audio

Report: Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak In A Coma

That Profane And Weird ‘CNN Russia’ Website? Nobody Knows Who Owns It, But It’s Definitely Not CNN

Former Wikileaks Employee Accuses Julian Assange Of Causing His Cat’s ‘Psychosis’

Mother Jones Criticizes Media For Helping BP “Pretend There’s No Oil” In The Gulf

5QQ – Olivier Knox

Today’s Worst News Ledes: 7/17/09

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