Antonin Scalia

Trump’s Praise of ‘Busy’ Antonin Scalia For Having Nine Kids Draws Mockery: ‘Congrats on the Sex, Scalia Family’

WH Announces Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipients, Including Scalia, Elvis, Orrin Hatch, Miriam Adelson

People Don’t Really Know Who He Is’: NY Community Board Members Not Sold on Naming Library After Scalia

‘Justice Alito Passed Away in February’: Lindsey Graham Mistakes Living SCOTUS Judge With Scalia

Report: Neil Gorsuch Has Been Informed He Will Likely Be Nominated to Supreme Court

Trump Education Appointee Spread Scalia Murder Conspiracy, Racist Images

Barney Frank: Scalia Was ‘Leading Advocate of Fag Burning, Not Flag Burning’

Ted Cruz Suggests the GOP Keep SCOTUS Seat Vacant if Hillary Wins

Justice Sotomayor Doesn’t Believe SCOTUS Will Ever Be Diverse Enough to Look Just Like America

Dem Senate Candidate Apologizes After Saying Scalia’s Death Was Fortunate

George Mason Will Rename Scalia Law School Due to Unfortunate Acronym

Bernie Sanders Won’t Make Gun Control a Litmus Test For Supreme Court Nominees

White House: Obama Will ‘Wholeheartedly’ Advise Bernie and Hillary to Pick Garland if They Win

White House Says Bernie and Hillary Are ‘On Message’ About SCOTUS Pick

Bernie Sanders Says He Will Ask Obama to Withdraw SCOTUS Nomination if He Wins

Here’s Why ‘The Biden Rule’ Is Complete Crap

Here Are the Six Words That Could Get Merrick Garland Confirmed to SCOTUS

Shock! Mitch McConnell Cites ‘Biden Rule’ in Refusing to Consider Merrick Garland

WATCH LIVE: President Obama Announces his Nominee for the Supreme Court

President Obama Nominates Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court

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