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Member of Obama’s Privacy Board: White House Thought Our NSA Report Was Too ‘Liberal’

What Took You So Long? Obama Meets With Privacy Board To Hear Concerns Over NSA Surveillance

Time Editor On Unwillingness To Sacrifice Liberties For Security: ‘Our Country Was Founded By Radicals’

Piers Morgan Clashes With Ben Ferguson Over Background Checks, Infants Getting Their Hands On Guns

America: Protect Our Civil Liberties, But Expand Surveillance Cameras And Chat Room Monitoring

Noam Chomsky: Obama’s Inexplicable ‘Attack’ On Civil Liberties ‘Goes Well Beyond Anything’ Imagined

Shep Smith & Judge Napolitano Go Off On Those Who Want To Strip Bombing Suspect’s Rights: ‘We Have Our Rights!’

Krauthammer Backhands Rand Paul: ‘Politically Radical,’ ‘Very Much A Liberal On Social Issues’

Not Just ‘Right-Wing Nuts’: 8 House Democrats(!) Blast Obama For Secretive Drone Policy

The 7 Absolute Worst Reactions To Rand Paul’s Drone Filibuster

Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden Joins Rand Paul For Historic Bipartisan Filibuster Over Drone Strikes

Flashback To 2008: Barack Obama Was Great On Civil Liberties — Where The Heck Is That Guy Now?

President Obama’s Supporters Actually Hate Many Of His Policies?

Bruce Springsteen Explains Obama Endorsement, Conveniently Glosses Over Civil Liberties Hypocrisy

Fraud In The U.S.A.? An Open Letter To Bruce Springsteen For His Obama Endorsement

Surprise! Democrats Abandon Defense Of Civil Liberties In Party Platform

Look At All The Pretty Things The Democrats Promised In 2008 (And Failed To Deliver)

Andy Levy And Red Eye Guest Get Into Shouting Match Over Government Surveillance

Republicans Say Obama Moved Dems To The Left, But They Must Not Be Paying Attention

The Political Response To Tragedy And The Conversation We Should Be Having

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