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David Duke

Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke Is Latest to Praise Lil Wayne Over Racism Comments

Jake Tapper Shuts Down Katrina Pierson: ‘That Has Never Happened in the History of the World’

Pence Still Refuses to Call David Duke ‘Deplorable’ But Does Call Him ‘Bad Man’

David Duke Thanks Mike Pence For Not Calling Him ‘Deplorable’ in Interview

Mike Pence Declines to Call David Duke Deplorable: I Don’t Like ‘Name-Calling’

Donald Trump Jr., Roger Stone, and David Duke Share Weird ‘Deplorables’ Memes

Here’s Why Ann Coulter Invited a Black Uber Driver to Breitbart Party

David Duke’s New Robocall Asks People to Support Him and Trump, Also Swipes at Beyoncé

David Duke Says ‘People Like Donald Trump and Ourselves’ Should ‘Take Over the Republican Party’

David Duke Would Really Like It If Jew-Run CNN Would Please Interview Him

Tim Kaine Links Trump to ‘Ku Klux Klan Values’ (UPDATED)

David Duke Says Gun Shows Are ‘A Great Place to Meet People of Our Stripe’

David Duke Show Celebrates Trump’s Breitbart Hire: We’ve ‘Taken Over the Republican Party!’

Maddow Whitewashes Republican Racism to Bash David Duke and Donald Trump

Priebus Denounces David Duke’s ‘Hateful Bigotry,’ Gets the Responses You Would Expect

GOP Members Rush to Denounce David Duke After He Announces Senate Bid

David Duke on Trump Speech: ‘Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself’

Well, It’s Happening: David Duke Considering Congressional Run

Donald Trump Praised Saddam Hussein For ‘Killing Terrorists’ Nine Months Ago

David Duke Expresses Gratitude, Support For Anti-Semitic Trump Tweet

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