James Taranto

Rothman: Affirmative Action Outrage Exposes Emptiness of Liberal ‘Privilege’ Obsession

Whoopi Goldberg on Date Rape: ‘If You Don’t Want This Kind of Attention, Don’t Get Poop-Faced’

WSJ’s James Taranto Takes His ‘War on Men’ to College Campuses

Rothman: In Their Panic, Democrats Become Reckless Gamblers

WSJ’s James Taranto On Media’s Emotional Investment In Racial ‘Show Trial’ Of Zimmerman

‘War On Men’: WSJ Columnist Calls Military Sexual Assault Investigations ‘Effort To Criminalize Male Sexuality’

WSJ Columnist Slams Media Shield Laws: Gov’t Should Not Determine Who Is A Journalist

David Frum Attacks WSJ’er Over ‘Heckling’ Incident: What If Someone Shouted ‘Allah Is Great’ During 9/11 Hearing?

Eerie Similarities In How Press Covers Carter’s 1980 Campaign And Today

Seattle Times: ‘With Dicks In,’ Congressional Dems Favor Gay Marriage Ban Repeal

Fox’s Andy Levy Crowns Obama, Heroin Winners Of First 2012 Republican Debate

Is The MSM Starting To Take Glenn Beck Seriously?

James Taranto Finds Sexism Hilarious

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