Jose Simian

Updating Your Facebook: The New Proof of Life

Cuban Blogger: Writers Fired For “Improper Use of the Internet”

British Singer Billy Bragg Withholds Taxes in Protest of Bailout Bonuses

The Decade in Latino Penetration

Where Can You Find Hispanics? Not in Mainstream News, Study Says

Meet The Prensa: Roberto Lovato’s Post-Dobbs Victory Lap

Yoani Sánchez Goes on the Attack

Yoani Sánchez Update: U.S. Department of State Intercedes, “Strongly Deplores the Assault on Bloggers”

Yoani Speaks: Blogger Talks About Being Beaten Up By Cuban Authorities

Meet The Prensa: The Discontent with CNN’s “Latino in America”

Have You Heard? U.S. Qualifies For World Cup; Soccer Great Maradona’s Website Hacked

Obama on Univisión: Lost in Translation

Meet The Prensa: El Diario’s Case Against The “Hateful Lies” of Lou Dobbs

Meet The Prensa: Can I Speak in Spanish, Please?

Meet The Prensa: Rossana Rosado, Publisher of El Diario

Meet The Prensa: Gerson Borrero on Univisión, Telemundo and the “Drive-By Racists” of Fox News

Meet The Prensa! (Pardon My Spanish)

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