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Video: New Footage Released From Orlando Nightclub Massacre

Police Release Body Cam Images From Pulse Nightclub Attack

Why Is It News That Orlando Shooter’s Father Went to Hillary Rally?

Orlando Terrorist’s Father Spotted Attending Hillary Clinton Rally

Al Qaeda Advises Followers to Kill Whites, Avoid Targeting Minorities

‘He Didn’t Do It For Terrorism’ — Man Claiming To Be Orlando Attacker’s Lover Comes Forward

Paul Ryan: ‘Preposterous’ to Remove ISIS Pledge From Orlando Shooter’s 911 Transcript

FBI Releases Orlando Shooter’s 911 Transcript, Redacts Allegiance to ISIS

CNN Reports That Orlando Killer Texted His Wife Mid-Attack

Donation Center Confirms Gunman in Orlando Massacre Donated Blood Two Weeks Ago

Gun Shop Claims It Refused Service, Called Authorities on Orlando Gunman Over ‘Suspicious’ Behavior

Orlando Gunman Reportedly Posted Message on Facebook Moments Before Attack

MSNBC Guest Cites Glee to Argue Orlando Killer Wasn’t Really Islamic Terrorist

New Video Surfaces of Orlando Shooter in BP Oil Spill Doc

NY Times Argues Republicans Are to Blame for Orlando Nightclub Shooting

Local Orlando News Producer Says Gunman Called Studio During Attack: ‘I Did It For ISIS’

Orlando Shooter’s Ex-Wife Tells Don Lemon He ‘Tortured’ Her, Didn’t Act Like ‘Normal Straight Men’

What The Heck!? Reporters Allowed to Casually Tour Orlando Killer’s Apartment

Sorry, Conservatives, Alan Grayson and Bernie Sanders Are Right About Automatic Weapons

NBC: Killer’s Wife Knew About Orlando Shooting, Tried to Talk Him Out of It

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