Right Fight: Daily Caller Calls Out Breitbart For Publishing Unedited Trump Press Release

Ahead of Contract Expiration, Megyn Kelly Retains Her First Non-Fox Publicist

Not The Onion: Real PR Blog Praises ISIS for Successful Branding and Outreach

‘Standing Ovation’: The Inherent Bullsh*t Brags of Donald Trump’s PR

GOP Senate Candidate’s Camp Allegedly Scrubs Negative Comments from Ad

Cheating Congressman Also Texts with Random Strangers During Scandals

Progressive Insurance Settles With Fisher Family After Story Went Viral

Progressive Insurance’s Response To The Fisher Scandal Is A Textbook Example Of A PR Catastrophe

Report: Rep. Weiner Advised Former Porn Star To Lie To Press, Offered Her PR Help

Kenneth Cole’s Cairo Tweet Ignites The Internet’s Righteous Indignation, Inspires New Trend

BP Buys Prime Online Space: Message Manipulation?

BP CEO Tony Hayward’s Reassuring WSJ Column Would Still Be Better Without Him

Glenn Greenwald Responds to Joe Klein and Mediaite on Email Leak

Klein Blasts Greenwald for Email Ethics; Pot and Kettle Outraged

After Scathing Blog Exposé, Tactless Kansas City Journo Faces Bleak Job Search

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