Talking Points Memo

O’Reilly: Conservative Trump Detractors Have ‘A Perfect Right’ to Speak Their Minds

Talking Points Memo Unfairly Scare-Quotes Jeb Bush’s Use of the Word ‘Retarded’

Newsweek Columnist Declares POW/MIA Flag Racist

GOP Pollster: ‘Republicans Have Run Out Of Persuadable White Voters’

NRA Scrubs Nugent Video From Website, YouTube

Missed The Supreme Court Health Care Arguments? Here Are The Week’s Best Punchlines

Robert DeNiro Responds To Newt Attack: Joke Was ‘Not Meant To Offend’

Did Newt Gingrich Invent Obama Quote About Gas Prices?

GOP Rep: I’d Have To Personally Kill Some Senators To Get The Ryan Budget Passed

O’Reilly And Panel: Are Liberal Late-Night Hosts Making The GOP Primary Into A Joke?

Karl Rove Concedes House GOP Blew It On Payroll Tax

Facebook Cites Gingrich As Social Media ‘Savvy’ Politician

Boehner: Grover Who?!

Romney Campaign: CNN Asked Us To Pull Down Brutal Anti-Perry Ad

Michele Bachmann Says ‘Anderson’: The Highlight Reel

Congressional Dysfunction Begins To Spook Old Pros

Newt Gingrich Gripes To Supporters About Regularly Being Asked ‘Are You Still Running?’

Teamsters President: ‘No Regrets’ After Fiery Speech Draws Right-Wing Criticism

Gaffes Could Cost Democrats Anthony Weiner’s Seat

Huntsman: ‘I Wouldn’t Necessarily Trust Any Of My Opponents Right Now’ On The Economy

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