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According to Don Jr, President Trump is a Serial Re-Gifter of Christmas Presents

President Donald Trump apparently isn’t afraid to save a few bucks by repurposing gifts.

That nugget of information came during an interview with Donald Trump Jr. about his holiday plans.

In addition to saying he was looking forward to one-on-one time with his dad at Mar-a-Lago this year, the Trump son told Extra since he was the namesake, his dad often regifted him the things that were actually monogrammed for Trump Sr.

He then said at one point, his dad even gave him a present that he recognized immediately because it was from him.

“There was one Christmas where he may or may not have given me the gift I had given him the year before because I had monogrammed it,” he said. “And I’m like, ‘I know you didn’t get this.’ ‘How do you know that?’ ‘Because I gave it to you last year.’”

During the same conversation the Trump son also said “it would be a wonderful thing” if he could tweet his dad’s holiday dinner table conversation and implied his dad was a real cut-up when “everyone’s vying for food” during the meal.

Watch above, via Extra

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