Geraldo Rivera: James Comey and ‘Cabal’ Tried to Remove Trump ‘Via the 25th Amendment’


Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera trashed James Comey following the release of a critical Inspector General report, with Rivera suggesting Comey was trying to get President Donald Trump removed from office.

“Number one, James Comey is not going to jail,” Rivera told Fox & Friends Friday. “He leaked confidential information, not classified information, thereby technically he is not guilty of the felony of, you know, of giving away secrets. So he is not going to go to jail on the giving away of secrets.”

“But what I want people to understand, if I may, is that this sanctimonious person, this person who almost brought down Hillary Clinton. And I think he really did a job on her candidacy, and should be loathed by the Democrats as much as by the Republicans. He attempted, seems to me, he and a small cabal of people at the FBI attempted a coup,” Rivera said.

“I know that’s an incendiary word,” he continued. “But ultimately his goal was to replace the president via the 25th Amendment. This is the biggest stuff. When you talk about history books, that is what this was really all about.”

“This was the swamp, responding to an elected official, who is obviously untraditional, and going after him in a way they wanted to kill him – I don’t mean kill him – but they wanted to get him out of office to be replaced by Vice President [Mike] Pence or whomsoever,” Rivera said.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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