Trump Riffs on His Ukraine Call at MS Rally: Do You Think I Would ‘Say Something Improper’ With People Listening?


President Donald Trump attacked the House Intelligence Chairman leading the impeachment inquiry, Adam Schiff, as “twisted and corrupt” and then offered up a rambling, sarcastic retelling of his infamous July 25 phone call with the Ukrainian president.

Speaking at a 2020 campaign rally in Tupelo, Miss., Trump devoted a long portion of his speech to a scathing critique of the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, which just passed a full vote the day before.

“But in the great, twisted and corrupt world of Adam Schiff, that means they had me supposedly say to myself, let’s see, I’ve got a guy named sleepy Joe Biden, kind of like ‘How do I beat him?'” Trump said, mockingly. “I guess there’s only one way. Let’s call up Ukraine for help.”

“These people are sick. These dishonest people will take the last little sliver and the first little sliver and they will put it, because they are so damned dishonest, and they’ll just say, let’s use Ukraine for help.” Trump said, seemingly attacking the press coverage of his Ukraine call summary that has been widely broadcast. “That’s what they are going to say. And they won’t show the laughter, and they will show the sarcasm, and they won’t show the fun, because they’re the most dishonorable people, almost, on Earth. It’s a disgrace.”

“So they have a brand-new president in Ukraine, good guy by the way. I’m on a phone and I know many people are on the phone,” Trump said before mocking the idea that he wanted help in digging up dirt on his potential 2020 rival, Joe Biden. “Because when you call the leaders of country many people listen. I’m on the phone and they want me to say to this brand-new president who just got there, called to congratulate him, ‘Please, could you help me?'”

“I’m an honest person anyway,” Trump claimed. “Do you think when I’m making a call to a newly elected president of the country that I would say something improper, when I know there are so many people listening on the line?”

Watch the video above, via C-SPAN 2.

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