WATCH: Ivanka Dodges Question on Whether Giuliani Is Good For President Trump on Face the Nation


Ivanka Trump avoided a question from CBS News on Rudy Giuliani and whether he is hurting President Donald Trump with his escapades.

In a preview of an upcoming interview with Ivanka Trump on Face the Nation, anchor Margaret Brennan asked “do you think he’s getting good counsel from Rudy Giuliani?”

Trump’s daughter dodged by calling Giuliani “smart and thoughtful” and “one of the greatest mayors in history of this country.”

“I ask because his actions in Ukraine and the investigation and his claim that he’s still working on behalf of your father on these projects,” Brennan said. “It has created a lot of news … that has complicated moving on.”

“That’s your assessment,” Ivanka Trump responded. “I don’t know that I want to validate that comment. It is what it is. More than 50% of America believes we shouldn’t be in this position and that the president shouldn’t have been impeached.”

“So the facts are there for the American people to assess and determine themselves,” she said.

Watch above, via Face the Nation.

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