Anderson Cooper Calls Out Trump for Claiming Federal Workers Okay Without Pay: He’s Saying ‘Let Them Eat Wall’

During his ‘Keeping Them Honest’ opener on Friday, CNN’s Anderson Cooper hammered billionaire President Donald Trump for claiming that the 800,000 federal workers who are going without a paycheck are okay with it, even though they have bills to pay and children to feed.

“The president of the United States, who is a billionaire, says the 800,000 people who aren’t getting paid because of the government shutdown are okay with that,” Cooper began. “‘Just ask them,’ he says. He also says he thinks their landlords will be okay with them not paying the rent.”

He continued on: “Those are just a couple of takeaways from his press conference on the shutdown. Keeping them honest, that and some other things he said today deserve a closer look because of what they say about a chief executive who is asking others to make sacrifices for him to go without pay, perhaps, he says for months.”

Then later in his opening monologue, Cooper returned to the unpaid workers.

“Later in the program, you will meet some people who are not getting paid right now,” he said. “They have bills to pay, credit cards, groceries as well. Health insurance, mortgage payments, the rent.”

“The president has words for them, too,” Cooper stressed. “Let them eat wall.”

Watch above, via CNN

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