Anderson Cooper Rips WH Spin on Trump’s ‘No’: ‘We Know What Really Happened,’ It Was On Camera!


Anderson Cooper opened tonight by saying once again President Trump and the White House is trying to gaslight everyone.

In his interview with CBS’ Jeff Glor tonight, Trump insisted he trusts the U.S. intel agencies, said he confronted Vladimir Putin on election meddling, and avoided saying whether Putin is lying in his denial.

Cooper was stunned by how Trump is somehow incapable of speaking strongly in public about Putin, saying that Trump is trying to claim in a private setting he said something that’s “out of character” with everything he has said publicly.

Just yesterday, during his own walk-back, Trump couldn’t help but ad-lib a line casting doubt on exactly what he said. And then there was today’s big “no” uproar on whether Russia is continuing to meddle.

Reporters said Trump clearly answered the question with a “no,” but Sarah Sanders insisted he was just saying no to more questions.

Cooper said, “This is not a case of different people having different recollections of what really happened. We know what really happened because it happened––all of it––on camera!… We’re supposed to believe that he was refusing to answer any questions by just randomly saying no.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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