Angry, Isolated and Gaining Weight? CNN’s Gloria Borger Reports on Trump’s Emotional State


Well this report will likely do little to bridge the growing divide between the White House and CNN.

Yesterday, CNN’s Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger filed a report that portrayed a increasingly isolated and angry President Donald Trump, which she later relayed to host Anderson Cooper on last night’s AC360.

Citing multiple sources that she identified as friends of the president who claimed to have spoken to the Trump on the phone — who have “all known him for years” — Borger painted a picture of a president who returned from a nine-day foreign trip in a rather disconnected and foul mood. Specifically, Borger says that, according to her sources, Trump “now lives within himself” adding “which is a dangerous place for him to be.” It’s not clear if the dangerous place comment was from her sources or was her own psychological analysis.

The balance of the panel discussion jumped off on Borger’s unchallenged analysis, and biographer Michael D’Antonio added that reports of Trump listening to close legal advisers is similar to another time that he was in one of his “lowest moments” when dealing with bankruptcy in the early 90’s. Worth noting that D’Antonio has been a vocal critic of President Trump, though Borger is a well-respected reporter who’s history suggests little to question her initial story.

Being President of the United States is by no means an easy job, though notably Trump has admitted that he expected the job to be much easier than he has found it. And there is no question that there is plenty of negative attention swirling around his administration, particularly with the firehose of news regarding connections his campaign may have had with Russian operatives.

But on the plus side, if Trump is truly felling angry, isolated and is gaining weight, then there is a large portion of America who can empathize and connect with the struggling leader. So at least there is that.

Watch the clip above courtesy of CNN.

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