April Ryan: Based On My Sources, Brett Kavanaugh ‘May Lose The Confirmation’


On Friday night, CNN commentator and White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks April Ryan weighed in on the pending confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

When asked by Bill Maher if people are being “hopeful for no reason” about the possibility that Kavanaugh will not be confirmed to the Supreme Court, Ryan offered him a bit of optimism.

“From all the reporting and the sourcing that I’m getting, this is a moment in history where Brett Kavanaugh could actually may lose this nomination, may lose the confirmation,” Ryan responded. “It’s how things are lining up.”

Ryan pointed out that the FBI investigation is a “limited scope,” but insisted that once they “uncover something,” it may “take a little while longer.”

“The White House today is having a hard time with this because they’re trying to find out one. when did he know this happened? When did he know of this? And what did he know?” Ryan continued. “Two. he was more involved in the Ken Starr stuff than he led on. And he was more involved with Vince Foster and all of that.”

She then insisted this is about “humanity” and not politics.

“Many women cried and sobbed with her, they believed her. Even the president of the United States, who doesn’t even want to acknowledge his own accusers said she was credible,” Ryan told Maher. “That’s saying something.”

Ryan later argued that “you can’t have a vote next Friday” after the FBI uncovers what it uncovers.

Watch the clip above, via HBO.

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