Bob Corker Expresses ‘Newfound Empathy’ For Trump’s Crusade Against ‘Fake News’


After passing that tax bill, Sen. Bob Corker and President Donald Trump have become improbable besties, putting dismissive nicknames, like “liddle Bob Corker,” and insults about potential electability behind them.

What brought them together, exactly? Accusations hurled at Corker that he only flipped on the tax bill due to the so-called “Corker Kickback,” a provision added at the last minute that allows limited liability companies that own real estate to take advantage of a large tax deduction. Corker is alleged to fall in this camp and could see his personal wealth enriched significantly due to the bill’s passage.

Corker, however, has called hogwash on these reports, saying he had “nothing whatsoever to do” with the last-minute provision and telling reporters that he flipped on the bill after taking a “long walk” and deciding that our country would be better off with its passage.

Now, he is calling the media firestorm over these allegations the very definition of “fake news.”

The Senator appeared on Fox & Friends this morning and said that his experience denying involvement in the LLC provision has given him “newfound empathy” for the daily struggle our president faces wrangling in the feisty free press.

“I told him that I had a healthy respect for the media. I deal with them all the time and, you know, to attack the media has not been something I’ve done,” he said. “But I had a newfound empathy for him in watching how a totally debunked story, by everybody involved, Orrin Hatch, Kevin Brady, the guys that actually wrote this bill, knew i had nothing to do with it.”

“I’ve never used in my life the words fake news, until today,” he said. “I actually understand what it is the president has been dealing with.”

Brian Kilmeade went on to compliment Corker’s business acumen, calling him a “fighter.”

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