Chris Cuomo Completely Ignores Brother’s Scandal on First Show After Report Drops


CNN’s Chris Cuomo made it an entire hour completely ignoring the serious scandal surrounding his brother, not to mention a revelation about how he aided his brother.

A report from the New York Attorney General’s Office concluded that Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed eleven women. Cuomo put out a lengthy statement denying the allegations from these women.

One of the many stunning revelations from the report is that his brother appears to have helped draft his February 28th statement responding to the first few allegations.

Cuomo opened his show by covering the covid-19 pandemic and speaking with former Surgeon General Jerome Adams, followed by a segment with CNN’s Harry Enten on a poll showing who Americans blame for the current covid surge. He did a segment criticizing the pandemic leadership of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and a segment highlighting the most vaccinated state in America — Vermont. His final segment addressed the serious issue of suicide following the tragic news of two more officers who were part of the January 6th response dying by suicide.

John Berman — filling in for Anderson Cooper — opened AC 360 covering the scandal, as did Don Lemon right after Cuomo’s show.

Cuomo and CNN received serious criticism for his multiple friendly interviews with his brother last year. Back in March, when his brother started facing accusations of sexual harassment, Cuomo told viewers, “Obviously I cannot cover it because he is my brother.”

In May news broke that he participated in strategy calls with his brother advising him on how to respond to the allegations. He addressed those calls on-air and apologized to his CNN colleagues for putting them “in a bad spot.”

CNN president Jeff Zucker defended Cuomo days later in a company town hall.

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