Chris Wallace Destroys Trump’s ‘No Obstruction’ Claim to Rudy Giuliani’s Face: ‘That’s Not True!’


Fox News anchor Chris Wallace confronted Trump attorney and Person Who’s Never Been Seen in the Same Place As Batboy Rudy Giuliani over Donald Trump‘s claim of “no obstruction” following the release of the Mueller report, flatly declaring “That’s not true!”

On Fox News Sunday, Wallace began his contentious interview with Trump’s attorney by going right for the jugular, confronting Giuliani with Trump’s claim that the Mueller report found “no obstruction.”

“They’re having a good day, I’m having a good day too,” Trump said during an event to honor wounded warriors, to laughter from some in the crowd. “It was called no collusion, no obstruction.”

“But Mayor, that’s not true!” Wallace told Giuliani following the clip. “The Mueller report makes clear, especially on the issue of collusion — obstruction, rather, that he’s leaving it to Congress.”

“I agree with that,” Giuliani said, as Wallace cited portions of the report that indicated this.

That’s a key admission, and contradicts what Trump Attorney General William Barr said both in his four-page memo, and his pre-release press conference.

“So Mueller invites Congress to look into this, and the president, in terms of Congress, hasn’t been exonerated at all on the issue of the obstruction,” Wallace said after reading Mueller’s notations about obstruction.

Giuliani then claimed Trump could “never get exonerated” because it means “proving a negative.”

“But he’s doing more than that, he is suggesting that there is a case and evidence that Congress should examine,” Wallace interrupted.

Giuliani plowed on with his rationale awhile longer, before Wallace interrupted again to say “Respectfully, basically what he’s saying is I think it should go to Congress, that’s what he’s saying.”

Wallace confronted Giuliani on several other aspects of the Mueller report, including the 37 times Trump said he couldn’t recall something in his written responses to Mueller, and Trump’s attempts to get Mueller fired, and Giuliani largely responded by going into lengthy digressions that ran the clock out on the interview.

Watch the clip above, via Fox.

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