Chris Wallace: Trump’s Attacks on the Press Are ‘Outrageous’ But Too Many Reporters Are Becoming Anti-Trump Advocates


Fox News’ Chris Wallace spoke with colleague Howard Kurtz Sunday and expressed concern about too many reporters become anti-Trump “advocates.”

After talking about what Kurtz called a “battle for the soul of journalism” earlier in the program, they moved onto Wallace’s serious criticisms of the president’s constant attacks on the press.

Wallace reiterated that he finds Trump’s rhetoric like “enemy of the people” to be “outrageous,” but he also said he’s troubled by how a number of journalists have responded:

“You see some reporters now who have become advocates — I see it in the press briefings now. You know, I was pretty tough in the press briefings with Ronald Reagan and his press secretaries in the 80s, but we were basically trying to get information. Some of the press briefings now I see the White House press corps — it’s supposed to be one of the top jobs in journalism — it’s more playing gotcha or more just trying to get in arguments and advance their point of view. That’s not what we’re supposed to be doing.”

“I think too many reporters have fallen into the role of being advocates and, frankly with this president, anti-Trump advocates,” Wallace continued, saying that journalists need to be able to stay “neutral” and “call balls and strikes.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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