CNN Panel Knocks Judge for Comments During Flynn Sentencing Hearing: Shouldn’t Have Said ‘Treason’


As CNN’s Jake Tapper and his panel reviewed how Michael Flynn was blasted in court today by Judge Emmet Sullivan, they did have some words of criticism for comments the judge made.

Tapper noted that certainly people can be alarmed by Flynn’s work as an unregistered foreign agent, but “he said Flynn was a foreign agent while working as national security adviser, and that’s technically not true.”

Amanda Carpenter said everyone’s ego was getting in the way during the hearing, including Flynn. She brought up the judge’s question about treason before saying she would have more confidence in the system “if the judge knew the facts at least as well as I do.”

“Maybe everybody needs more time to get the facts straight, including the judge,” she added.

Tapper brought up the extraordinary question about treason. Symone Sanders said she was taken aback, but added that it was a question she and many others definitely had on their minds.

Paul Begala acknowledged the judge was heated and “maybe out over his ski tips,” but argued it doesn’t seem like there’s a “political motive” to his anger.

“I think he was honestly angry that General Flynn’s supporters were pulling this line of bologna that somehow he was entrapped,” Begala said. And while he understood why the judge asked the treason question, he doesn’t think he should’ve said it.

Tapper did note that while people defending Flynn say he was either “ambushed” or “entrapped,” it appears that “the FBI bent over backwards for Flynn.”

Mary Katharine Ham criticized the judge as well and said, “Calm professionalism gets you a lot further in this situation.” She added that the way he conducted himself seemed to feed the sentiments of Trump supporters who feel there are people out to get the President.

The panel circled back to the Flynn defense and Carpenter asked why Flynn went down the road of suggesting entrapment in the first place. “Is it because his ego just got in the way and he was looking for a Fox News contract or something after?” she asked.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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