CNN’s Chris Cuomo Praises Trump’s ‘Arrogance’ Before Putin Meeting: ‘Not Cowed By Power’

Hey have you heard about the ongoing drama and animus between the White House and CNN? You have? Good, then no need to bring you up to speed on the ongoing debate over “speaking truth to power” versus “Fake News!” Needless to say, we have been at something of a stalemate for sometime, with neither side willing to bend to the other side, until maybe this morning.

New Day co-host Chris Cuomo introduced a glimmer of hope for those seeking a transcendent moment in this ongoing feud when he went out of his way to praise President Donald Trump‘s negotiating style. 

Some may say that lauding Presidential arrogance as a benefit is a backhanded compliment, but this feels like a genuine bit of praise from a person who has often been critical of this administration’s dealings.

Cuomo seemed to cite his personal experience in meeting with the president, opening with “Donald Trump is good in a meeting. He has been around a lot of very powerful people. He is not cowed by power. Having that arrogance about you sometimes is helpful.”

Watch the clip above courtesy of CNN.

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