CNN’s Don Lemon Calls Out Trump For Attacking Bernie Sanders Over Tax Returns


CNN anchor Don Lemon slammed Donald Trump for attacking Independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, saying it’s “pretty rich” for Trump to comment on Sanders’ tax returns when Trump refuses to release his own.

During the second hour of Tuesday night’s CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, the host discussed one of Trump’s latest attacks on Sanders, a late-evening tweet that restated the premise of one of the Fox News town hall questions that Sanders was asked.

“Bernie Sanders and wife should pay the Pre-Trump Taxes on their almost $600,000 in income,” Trump wrote. “He is always complaining about these big TAX CUTS, except when it benefits him. They made a fortune off of Trump, but so did everyone else – and that’s a good thing, not a bad thing!”

After reading the tweet, Lemon pointed out that Sanders “voted against the tax cuts,” and added “that’s pretty rich coming from someone who doesn’t want to release his taxes so Americans can’t see whether he profited from the tax cuts.”

Conservative panelist Alice Stewart agreed that “this is not a lane that President Trump needs to swim in,” but then attacked Sanders for “railing against the one percent” when he is now one of them.

But Lemon stepped in to defend Sanders, noting that “Bernie Sanders only rails against the 1% who don’t pay their share. He doesn’t say that there’s anything wrong with making money. He just wants people who make the money to pay their fair share in taxes. There’s a difference there.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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