CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin: Howard Schultz Is a ‘Gift from God’ to Trump

On Sunday, former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said on 60 Minutes he is seriously considering a run for president as an independent.

On Monday, CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin weighed in on what Schultz’s potential run means for President Donald Trump and why it was good news during his very bad week.

Toobin started by saying Trump got “such great news this week.”

“This was such a bad week for Donald Trump with the Stone indictment, with the shutdown. Howard Schultz is a gift from God to him,” Toobin said, referring to his potential run.

He added: “These guys, they’re billionaires so they think they can do anything, and one thing he could do is hand the re-election to Donald Trump and now he has support from Bill Burton.”

Burton was a close aide to Barack Obama during his first term.

Toobin further added that the one thing we know about billionaire candidates is that “they make political consultants very rich.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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