CNN’s John Berman: Are Trump’s New Border Threats Serious or Just ‘A Guy Home Alone Venting to the Walls’?


CNN’s John Berman opened tonight’s AC360 with President Donald Trump‘s latest threat in the ongoing shutdown fight over border security and the wall.

The President is now threatening to “close the Southern Border entirely,” among other things:

“Wherever you stand on the wall, whether you think House Democrats are obstructionist or not, whatever your views on trade may be,” Berman said, “this kind of seems like an apple solution to an orange problem. The president, for better or worse, appears to be hoping to influence Democrats by at best threatening Mexico and at worst by holding a gun to the U.S. economy’s head.”

But he also raised the question of whether this is a serious threat or just Trump blowing off some steam:

“The White House did tell us very early on to consider presidential tweets official statements, which means even when they’re not fully cogent or cooked. So is that the case this time? Misbegotten or not, ill-advised or not, are these real threats or is this just a case of a guy home alone venting to the walls?

You can watch above, via CNN.

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