CNN’s John Berman Pummels Matt Schlapp Over Nunes Memo: ‘Where is Your Proof?!’


CNN’s John Berman and conservative commentator Matt Schlapp duked it out on Friday as they debated whether President Trump is trying to undercut the FBI by releasing the GOP’s controversial intelligence memo.

After a discussion about Trump’s most recent comments on DACA, Berman brought up the president’s latest tweet where he ripped the heads of the DOJ and the FBI for politicizing the memo. Trump reportedly hopes the memo’s release will discredit investigations into his alleged involvement with Russia, though top law enforcement and intelligence officials remain concerned about the memo creating a misleading picture of FBI practices.

As Berman asked whether Trump was attacking his own appointed officials, Schlapp diverted by straight up accusing Barack Obama‘s administration of abusing FISA in order to spy on Trump. These allegations from the memo have yet to be proven, so Berman pushed back on Schlapp by asking “where is your proof” to support the GOP’s claims.

The two continued to slug it out, and when Schlapp said the rest of America should read the memo, Berman invoked Adam Schiff‘s recent claim that House Committee Chairman Devin Nunes never read the material he used as the basis for his memo (which was supposedly edited without committee approval).

“That’s not right!” Schlapp insisted repeatedly. “It is” Berman shot back.

The sparring match went on with Schlapp making several allegations against the Obama Administration, saying their FISA usage was a “disgusting and disheartening” abuse of power.

Ana Navarro was also on this panel, and of course, she had some choice words for rebuking Schlapp.

Watch above, via CNN.

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