CNN’s John King: If POTUS Thinks He Can Separate Himself from Cohen, ‘Maybe Donald Trump Can Fly’


CNN host John King says if President Donald Trump thinks he can separate himself from his longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen, then “maybe Donald Trump can fly.”

Cohen’s Manhattan office, apartment, and hotel room were recently raided by the FBI after reports he paid $130,000 in hush money to adult film star Stormy Daniels just days before the November 2016 presidential election. The federal law enforcement raid prompted speculation that Cohen could flip and tell the special counsel what he knows related to the Russia investigation.

Now, Trump appears to be trying to separate himself from Cohen, perhaps even using the National Enquirer to further that narrative. CNN’s John King, though, said Tuesday on Inside Politics that the president separating himself from Michael Cohen, also known as “Trump’s fixer,” is about as likely as the president flying.

“The president has basically tried to separate himself in all kinds of other ways from Cohen,” CNN reporter Abby Phillip said. Phillip then referred to the National Enquirer headline, which reads, “Trump Fixer’s Secret’s & Lies,” noting specifically the word “lies.”

“I think that’s a really important word in this case,” Phillips said.

“If Cohen has something to say about Trump, the president probably wants them to be characterized as untrustworthy and so the message is pretty crystal clear here. He’s trying to cordon himself off from something that could become a Pandora’s box for him on a number of fronts: personal, businesswise, and politically as well,” Phillips added.

King said he understands the president’s strategy. At the same time, however, he acknowledged its credibility, or the lack thereof.

“That’s like me trying to say that this hand and this hand are not attached to the same body. I mean, Michael Cohen has worked for Donald Trump forever. Forever. If Donald Trump thinks he can separate himself from Michael Cohen, then maybe Donald Trump can fly,” King said.

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