Colbert: Dems Commemorated Trump’s Victory By ‘Kicking His Ass’ With His Arch Enemy ‘The Popular Vote’

On Wednesday night, Stephen Colbert celebrated the Democratic victories in various elections throughout the country.

“Well folks, one year ago today, Donald Trump was elected president,” Colbert began. “Yesterday, Democrats commemorated this anniversary by kicking Trump’s ass, using his arch enemy: the popular vote.”

The Late Show host began listing some of the more notable races, including Democrat Phil Murphy‘s victory in the New Jersey gubernatorial race.”

“A sad day for Chris Christie… so a day for Chris Christie,” Colbert quipped.

He then mocked Trump for throwing Ed Gillespie under the “tweet bus” after he lost to Democrat Ralph Northam in Virginia.

“You’re lying,” Colbert reacted. “Because Gillespie copied your whole playbook!”

Colbert noted Gillespie’s campaign positions on immigration, the NFL protests, and confederate statues.

“He even copied the part where you lost the state of Virginia!” he exclaimed.

Colbert declared that all of these elections were about Trump.

“That’s the problem with making everything about you, sir,” he told the president. “It means everything- even losing, is about you. That’s the downside of narcissism.”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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