House Dem Calls on Conyers to Resign: ‘Is There Going to be Any Level of Accountability?’


After being the first Democratic representative to call on Rep. John Conyers to leave Congress over sexual harassment settlements, Rep. Kathleen Rice appeared on CNN to again take on her colleague.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo kicked off the interview asking why she wants Conyers to resign, despite his denials of the allegations.

“Because enough is enough,” Rice replied. “What I am voicing, publicly, is what ever single private citizen is saying across America.”

“Why are the rules for politicians in Washington different then they are for everyone else?” Rice asked, noting that other accused sexual deviants — like Harvey Weinstein and Louis C.K. — suffered “appropriate consequences,” while politicians do not.

Cuomo said that the counter-argument to calls for Conyers to resign is that the congressman is “innocent until proven guilty.”

“We’re not talking about a court of law here,” Rice replied. “I spent my entire career before coming to Washington as a prosecutor.”

“We are talking about the court of public opinion. We’re talking about holding men accountable for their actions. And a lot of these men, against whom these allegations have been made, are never going to face their day in court. The victims in these cases are never going to have their day in court.”

“Is there going to be any level of accountability?”

Watch above, via CNN.

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