Black Friday: Watch Grown Men Shamelessly Fight Over a Toy Car

The day that follows Thanksgiving is known as “Black Friday” ostensibly because there are so many retail sales that ledgers at many stores go from red to black. But the trend of untoward and ugly sales behavior that are captured on video and go viral is another black mark on our consumer-based economy that values material possessions over the basic social contract we should all aspire to abide.

In this video you see three or four men grapple with each other over a rather large toy car in a manner that embarrasses every participant, but humanity as well. The only good thing about this video is that it presents a bit of content that Mediaite can surface on a very slow news day. And yes, the Mediaite editors take no pride in posting this sort of content and we accept our small role in promoting this sort of behavior for clicks. Alas, that is the world in which we currently live.

–image via screen capture–

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